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Marked Studios, Inc is with Chris Palmer.5 days ago
As some of you know, Chris Palmer has been handed some rough cards in life and has still been the one filled with the most cheer and uplifting encouragement for others. I am speaking on behalf of everyone who has known him when I say that I personally am a better human being for knowing Chris. Most of you may not know that last month Chris began having severe seizures which landed him in the hospital for a considerable stay. This last bout of issues has put him out of the game. He is in Rehab now but he is certain that he won't have the stability nor stamina to return to tattooing. A truly sad day. This man has trained many who have become great artists in this area and beyond this city. Even having tattoo phenoms working for him such as Jeff Gogue. He has been an inspiration to us all at Marked and is a pillar of happiness in the midst of incredible adversity. I love Chris and it's very heartbreaking to have to write this, but I know that he is still smiling even now. Chris Palmer! You are a blessing to all who have met you! You are a great father, husband, and my friend... I am truly truly blessed to know you.


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