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Reno Tattoo Artist

What got you interested in tattooing:

My fascination with tattoos began when I was about nine years old. I don’t remember the moment I decided that was it, but I’ve never seen my life going any other way. Each client I’ve spent time with has changed my life in one way or another, and I hope to be the artist that gets to change yours.

What are your thoughts on tattoos:

I think tattoos are absolutely beautiful. Everyone has their own story to show. whether it was an experience you’ll never forget or an experience you’ll never remember, I think they’re all pretty perfect somehow. Individuality keeps our world running

What style/genre tattoo is your favorite:

I don’t particularly have a favorite style. When I started tattooing I thought I wanted to be a realism artist- but as time has gone on, it has changed drastically. For now I am doing it all and creating my own style from all I have learned

Who or what influences your art style:

The world is moving so quickly and tattoos are becoming better and more acceptable than ever. I am so blessed to be a part of this wonderful trade.