Tattoo Artist

When did you start tattooing?
I started tattooing on August 15th, 2019. Im writing the exact date down because I keep forgetting when my tattversary is, so…
What do you love about tattooing?
I love how intimate it is. I like to think that a little piece of my soul is put into every single tattoo I do – whether its a 5 minute tattoo or an entire sleeve, there is a part of me that gets to travel with my client for the rest of their lives. A small part of me gets to experience their joys, sorrows, moments of anger or disappointment, the feelings of love and content… their journey! How cool is that?
Plus, tattoos look sick as fuck and are fun as hell to do. End statement.
Describe your current style of tattooing
Colorful, weird and wonderful! Im kind of everywhere on styles right now, but those are the main three ingredients.
What is the best flavor of ice cream and why?
I really don’t think you could ever go wrong with cookie dough. Its the best because they say not to eat cookie dough by itself, but all of a sudden its okay when its in ice cream. I like the rebellious nature of it.
Who are your biggest influences in art/life?
I would say one of my earliest influences in art was my Uncle Gene. He did these giant oil paintings of DC superheroes… I remember thinking they were unreal. When I was a kid, he’d always let me use his expensive art supplies, sketchbooks, and MS Paint.
In life? I guess my biggest influence would be my closest friends.
If you were a superhero what would your name /super powers be?
I’d be Calcifer, of course. Id be a fiery demon bitch who can cook a really mean breakfast.
Your favorite movie quote is…
 – I am Legend, 2007.