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Marked Studios, Inc
Marked Studios, Inc is at Marked Studios, Inc.
Wonderful foot tattoo done by @thmc_parker 👣
#reno #tattoo #tattooredefined #foottattoo
#vitalitreetattoo #inkhealthaftercare @ Marked Studios, Inc
Marked Studios, Inc
Marked Studios, Inc
A stellar tattoo of a Steller’s Jay done by @shaunhanna
#reno #tattoo #tattooredefined
#stellersjay #vitalitreetattoo #inkhealthaftercare
Marked Studios, Inc
Marked Studios, Inc
We were able to get this pic of a piece @markofmarked did in May of 2018 today! Beautiful healing job Tina!! We love it when our friends take their aftercare as seriously as we take our tattooing. #overoneyearhealed #markedstudios #tattooredefined #inkhealthaftercare #wonderwoman #lindacarter

Chris Palmer

Reno Tattoo Artist

What got you interested in tattooing: I glamorized rockstars like Axle Rose and Mike Ness who had tattoos that they were so proud of.  I watched the videos and admired the tattoos that they had, thinking to myself about how cool those looked.  I knew from a young age that I would get tattoos when I was old enough. (The first tattoo that I received was done on me when I was 21). I would drive by some of the tattoo parlors around town and think that it was an industry that I would do good in as long as I kept learning, practicing and producing. My brother liked my skills so much I would draw sharpie tattoos on his arms when our parents were’t looking. I really enjoyed doing those fake tattoos and thought that it would be fun to apply for a job as a tattoo artist.  After paying for my college tuition I had some leftover money so I bought some tattoo equipment and since then its been amazing!

What style genre is your favorite: Mainly painterly style.  I like bold color and soft shades, seems to make the artwork a bit more eye-catching. I’m pretty open to all the styles; well maybe not prison tats or kitchen jobs.

Who or what influences your art style: Brian Schroder, an artist who did some of Metallicas best t-shirts. His skulls had real character and showed a true creepy emotion. I always wanted my artwork to have the same flair as his and always keep his designs in my head when I design something dark.

Personal thoughts: Always look on the bright side of life!