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Mackenzie Juliana Swecker

Reno Tattoo Artist

What got you interested in tattooing:

I’ve always had an affinity for the art of tattoo, for many reasons. People wear them with pride, some with their hearts, some with their egos, and some people wear them out of drunken regret–it’s all so relative and wonderful. I love the idea that there’s always an artist behind every story- the bridge between the story and the manifestation of the permanent body art.

Throughout my life, I’ve been the type of artist that dabbled with all kinds of mediums. Jack of many trades I guess you could say. I never became completely consumed by just one. Until I became a tattoo artist. Tattooing fascinated me, completely. The challenge of application. The extensive process and neverending considered and unconsidered factors. It’s a trade that will forever be incredibly challenging and therefore, incredibly rewarding. Something about people wanting your art on them permanently feels like the greatest honor. It requires an abundance of trust to walk into a tattoo studio and trust a stranger to alter your body. I love being the trusted one!

What are your thoughts on tattoos:

I won’t even go into my not-so-positive perspective here because there’s always that shadow side of things. I think tattoos are a beautiful way to accentuate your body or add a meaningful piece that you want to carry with you forever. They are powerful symbols that often lead to emotional healing.

What style/genre tattoo is your favorite:

I have so much respect and appreciation for realism. When a gifted tattoo artist can make a tattoo look like a Renaissance oil painting, my mind is blown. Although realism isn’t my favorite! Most of all, I love more stylized line work that is designed specifically for the placement and flow of the body. Intricate and complex textures created with the illusion of lines, dots and shapes can be some of the most brilliant tattoos.

Who or what influences your art style:

I love oil painting. when I produce a tattoo, I can see the style of my paintings come through on skin. There are so many Fine Artists and Tattoo Artists that I admire and follow and yet I want to be careful that I don’t admire and follow them so much that my art begins to take a turn to copying or duplicating their style.

Personal Thoughts:

The best and most tangible connections are felt in flesh time and space. Come talk to me.