Reno Tattoo Artist

What got you interested in tattooing:

I’ve always wanted to be bigger than myself. To impact people. Tattooing, to me, is the most intimate form of changing someone. Art has been one of the biggest parts of my life- it was a source of release and comfort while I was struggling with being African American. It spoke for me so I didn’t have to. I respect that I am able to help people find themselves through art; living is an experience unique to each of us.

What are your thoughts on tattoos:

Tattoos are controversial, and I love that about them. I’m always a fan of pushing social norms and becoming someone new. I do have an affinity for the culture that surrounds tattooing and the altering of your own appearance. The choice of permanency on your own body is a huge decision.

What style/genre tattoo is your favorite:

The high contrast of blackwork against the skin amazing. I’m enamored by so many different styles of tattoos, but there is something in simplicity that gets me goin’. Although white is seen as “pure”, I see black as the most unadulterated combination of colors. But with that being said, the primary colors, especially when paired with each other… don’t even get me started.

Who or what influences your art style:

I’m fascinated by art history and movements. For example, the High Renaissance period shows a detailed understanding of the human form through sensuality. Artists like Lichtenstein are colorful, bold and graphic. Pulling either techniques or just inspiration from so many places helps me develop my own approach to art. If done right, it can be timeless.