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Reno Tattoo Artist

What got you interested in tattooing:
I grew up listening to Punk Rock, Metal and pretty much all kinds of Rock n’ Roll.  Tattoos are synonymous with those subcultures so it just became part of the whole thing, part of my whole life.  As soon as I could get a tattoo in a shop I was hooked.  I just jumped in with both feet.

What style/genre tattoo is your favorite:

I’ve always loved the aesthetic and history of traditional Americana tattoos.   We are in an age of innovation for tattooing, which is very important.  At the same time it is important to preserve the culture and history of what got us here.  It’s a yin/yang thanng baby.
Who or what influences your art style:
My approach is steeped in simplicity, readability, and clean draftsmanship. I employ a strong focus of fundamentals mixed with an appreciation for the classic tattoo designs. Some of the artists I try to emulate are Doc forbes, Bob wicks, “Brooklyn” Joe Lieberman, Ben Corday, Milton Zies, Amund Dietzel, and of course the great Sailor Jerry (the Rum NOT the tattooer)


What are your thoughts on tattoos:
Being tattooed is a lifestyle choice.   If you’re about it… be about it.  No regerts.