Welcome to Marked Studios in Reno, NV offering an unparalleled tattoo experience. We have designed an innovative and meticulously clean and sterile studio, beautifully married to style and comfort, talent and technique. Our goal is to put you exactly where you need to be for your next permanent work of art. We also believe that your tattoo experience is more than just creativity. You are entitled to feel safe, to know that every precaution has been made to insure your safety and your comfort.


Marked Studios has worked over years to create a unique studio you wouldn’t expect in the world of tattooing. Our open yet secluded creative space sets you at ease knowing that your experience is removed from public view. We offer a variety of complimentary beverages along with warmed blankets and pillows, should you need them, making your time with us a bit more comfortable. The creative staff are hand selected on merits of artistic expertise and attitude. The result is a beaming group of inspired artists eager to produce an original masterpiece with you, while providing the best tattoo experience in the industry.


Tattoo Redefined…