How much do you charge? Do you charge hourly or by the piece?
The studio rate is $250/hr with a $150 minimum.
We do have a book of custom available designs by Marked Studios Artists that are sometimes priced by the piece.
Do you take walk-ins?

Yes we do. While we are primarily a custom, by appointment only studio we are always happy to accommodate walk in tattoos when we can. Give us a call or stop by!

What is your studio minimum?

The studio minimum is $150, which includes your Aftercare Kit and contains everything you need for proper healing. This charge is based on any piece that takes 30 minutes or less of Needle Time.

Is there anything I can do to prepare before for my tattoo?
Yes, very much so. Whether you are in for a smaller piece or a whole day session, preparation is key. Here are some helpful tips to get you through with success.
Get plenty of sleep the night prior to your appointment.
Forego heavy partying the night before. Hangovers make for a very uncomfortable tattoo session.
Eat before your appointment, ideally within two hours. This is very important no matter what size your tattoo is.
Water is your friend. Hydrate well the day before your appointment
Be Cool. Try not to let the tattoo process get you worked up or nervous. It really is easier than you think when you are prepared.
NOTE: Fear of needles is normal but please know that tattooing is completely different than getting a shot or your blood drawn. We are not injecting ink under your skin, nor are we breaking through all the layers of your skin.
Do you do piercings?

We are big fans of sticking with what you’re good at… we are tattooers, not piercers so we let the professionals handle that. We exclusively refer all piercing requests to Black Hole Body Piercing because, like us, they do one thing and they do it Really Well.

Do you do permanent cosmetics?

Once again we leave this to the professionals, however, if you want your eyebrows to look like eagles or some other amazing design, we’ve got you covered.

Warm Quilts?… really?

Yep, really. Our focus at Marked is generally large scale, custom pieces and longer session times. This requires a whole different level of commitment on everyone’s behalf to be able to sit through very long sessions. Maintaining a comfortable temperature during the process helps the body to stay in a calm state and elevates your tolerance for the pain. Plus again, it’s about comfort in a very uncomfortable time.

What’s the worst place to get a tattoo?

Tattoos hurt quite a bit and everyone has there own pain tolerances. Ribs and feet are the areas that are most generally complained about, but again, this is very general and every person is different. The key to a successful tattoo session is preparation. Sorry fellas, but girls have a better pain tolerance than men… it’s just a fact.

What are these coins for? Do the coins expire?
Some of you have received the elusive black coins and wonder what they are for. Those are discount coins and can be used to receive a $25 discount on your next tattoo session. They cannot be used for minimum tattoos and can only be applied to sessions amounting to $150 or more.
They will never expire, even after the apocalypse they will remain.
What is your policy on tattooing minors?

We at Marked Studios have decided to discontinue the tattooing of minors. Nevada law states that anyone under the age of 18 requires parental consent, however we no longer tattoo anyone under the age of 18.