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Black Ball 2015

Black Ball 2015

This March we had a bit of discouraging news… some of you may know this news. Our goal is not to hash out the negative actions of some but to share the exciting news of a wonderful event we called “Black Ball 2015” This was an event to lift the spirits of our crew and more importantly, our customers whom we consider friends. It was an evening of good food and live music. Now when Marked Studios puts on a party, we do it a little different… After all, we are Tattoo Redefined. The meal was provided by Mark Estee and the Reno Provisions Team which included a 5 course dinner. We set tables in the parking lot and shared good food and stories with each other. It was quite chilly that night, however the patio heaters took the chill off a bit. We had a local musician (Shawn Lear) play an all acoustic set so that the mood of the evening was mellow. We gave tours of the studio to newcomers and shared an amazing night with all of our friends. I believe that the night went very well and achieved exactly what it was meant too… cover a negative situation in happiness. There was no agenda and no event planning outside of the dinner itself. We were able to meet new people and sit down to share a meal and fun stories. Some of our friends were even comparing the work they had gotten done by us. So by that definition, it was an enormous success. The Family of Marked Studios wants to thank all of you who made it that night… and there were a lot of you who showed your love for us… and I hope we showed it back to you. So here’s to continued happiness in the future! You are all very appreciated.