Marked Studios, Inc

We exist to nurture a creatively professional tattoo studio where artists and clients flourish in an experience enjoyed for life.

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M.A.D. Book of Wonders

M.A.D. Book of Wonders

Our MAD Book of Wonders is in and ready for viewing how to reduce weight quickly. This book will showcase all of the Marked Studios’ artist sketches that they have available to tattoo. These offerings are fantastic drummings from the inner parts of their souls. Images that each artist is passionate about, brought forth into the realm of the real. Every one of these designs is available to one person per piece and will be updated constantly. Once a design is chosen, it is removed from the book, never to be seen again except adorned beautifully on your body forever. If you are wanting a piece but aren’t sure of a design, these are perfect for you to browse and consider. Who knows, a design might just jump out of the pages and speak directly to your heart. Come on in and take a look at the marvelous concoctions from the minds of the most talented artists in the world.