Tattoo Artist

When did you start tattooing?
Welp… I started the “wrong” way in early 2013… out of my house, on the buddies. From there I fell in love with sucking at it and decided I wanted to get an apprenticeship and learn properly. I started the apprenticeship in October 2013 and then graduated July 2014.
What do you love about tattooing?
I love the collaboration of the clients ideas and willingness to change their body forever paired with the trust in allowing me to create that tattoo for them. I love the craft of tattooing as well, Its most definitely my favorite art medium. The fact that its a living breathing 3D canvas is always a big part of the challenge but it makes everything from design to application unique from and 2D mediums. That challenge along with the weight of the permanence in this artwork will always keep me hungry to lean and progress and for me I don’t think I can find that in many other art forms.
Describe your current style of tattoo.
Im pushing myself and my clients to explore a certain lane of abstract tattoos that I’m not sure has a name. I would describe it as a bit of a Bio-Organic or Bio-Mechanical feel but with ties to graffiti. Aside from that I simply enjoy large scale color tattoos! Im typically taking on Neo-Traditional, Japanese, and sometimes Realism but overall as long as I can make it look cool iI’ll do it all.
What is the best flavor of ice cream and why?
I like Ben and Jerry’s all around but Half Baked is always a good one and American dream is solid too. They just make my mouth feel happy and have always been nice to me.
Who are your biggest influences in art/life?
Art wise I love so many and can’t name them all, but early on I always looked at David Choe, Gregg “craola” Simkins, and Aaron Horkey and they definitely shaped my art journey.
If you were a superhero what would your name/super power be?
Since I was a kid I loved Spiderman powers but I live in Sparks Nevada so that would be damn worthless. Id probably take teleportation. Then retire from being a hero and or crime fighting and selfishly use my gifting to bounce around wherever I want. Id still go by Kenny at that point.
Your favorite movie quote is…
“Pools are perfect for holding water” -Dave, Hot Rod.