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Kenny Tavener

Reno Tattoo Artist

What got you interested in tattooing:

Isn’t everyone interested in tattooing?? Some collect em, some hate on them, im interested in the application of them. This is by far the hardest art medium i have ever used and with that the most interesting and compelling. Theres no same, still, perfect canvas. People breathe, cry, bleed, move, and most of all commit to a lifetime with the art i can deliver them. The idea of that is still as crazy to me as it was when i started. That challenge is something no other medium delivers. I love challenging art, and since tattooing is the pinnacle of art challenges I’ve been drawn to being a part of doing it since i was a kid. Now i am and now i get the honor to work with some amazing people to give them a piece of art that can compliment who they are. Im still constantly intrigued with tattooing and see it being a huge interest for a long time to come.

What style/genre tattoo is your favorite:

I personally am constantly drawn to a more neo-traditional style when i get the chance. I love the look of big bold lines and interesting color palettes. Ive had a lot of background in painting so whenever i have the chance i like to blend anything painterly with neotraditional ties. Also a big fan of japanese elements such as waves and floral stuffs. In the end however, im just drawn to tattoos that will work with the individual wearing it. Sometimes that means really geometric blackwork and sometimes thats super soft watercolor. Man i just like tattoos!

Who or what influences your art style:

depends on the day i s’pose. Typically I draw on painting and nature. Im most inspired by creation and natural things that are going on around us. Im always inspired by paintings and the range of styles to be drawn on there as well. And Sasquatch.