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We exist to nurture a creatively professional tattoo studio where artists and clients flourish in an experience enjoyed for life.
Marked Studios, Inc
Marked Studios, Inc is at Marked Studios, Inc.
Somethin’ a little different from @gaiamarikatattoos
Gaia is currently accepting pieces with New School or Disney influence! For bookings, visit our website and submit a contact request form under the “Get Started Here” tab. Link in bio!
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Marked Studios, Inc
Marked Studios, Inc
Repost from @shannonfabertattoo - this is probably one of the most eloquent and comprehensible statements out there about why it’s so hard to get tattooed right now. Thank you a million times over for these words, Shannon. 💜

We wish we could tattoo every one of you; but our mental and physical health is just as important as putting a smile on our clients’ face.

We ask for your patience and understanding during this time and again- we are BEYOND grateful for the overwhelming amount of contact requests we receive every day! We love you and want to continue doing what we do best! At least until the next apocalypse 😜

Mark Moots

Reno Tattoo Artist

What got you interested in tattooing:

I’ve had a life long love of drawing and art stemming from a fascination with comic books, cartoons, sci-fi, horror movies and heavy metal.
That might not seem like a direct correlation to the tattoo world, but it was for me. The evolution of tattoos in the early 90’s really opened my eyes as to what tattoos could look like and that got me hooked.

What are your thoughts on tattoos:

Tattoos can be whatever you want them to be. They can have profound, personal meaning or just look badass. I think the beauty of that is the personal choice and freedom that comes from permanently decorating your body. It’s yours, do what makes you happy.

What style/genre tattoo is your favorite:

Skulls, horror, monsters and creatures are always fun. I also enjoy doing bright colorful things, flowers, animals etc. I like to work in extremes I guess, bright and colorful or dark and creepy. Combinations of the two are great as well.

Who or what influences your art style:

I’m influenced by HR Giger, Bugs Bunny, Iron Maiden, Bob Ross, Benjamin Franklin “Hawkeye” Pierce and the magical world of Disney.