Tattoo Artist

When did you start tattooing?
I started my apprenticeship in June of 2004 at a studio in my hometown, Pacifica, called MT Tattoos. I completed a 2 year apprenticeship consistent with what some would label these days as ‘traditional’ or ‘old school.’
What do you love about tattooing?
I grew up putting much thought into what my future would amount to. I didn’t have the types of foresight and plans my peers did, I simply avoided stressing over how I would fit into the world and grow and support myself. I have used art my whole life as a mechanism to manage stress and deal with things, and it has always been an outlet for me to convey my thoughts and illustrate my perspective in the world. I never considered art being a career, until the opportunity came and showed me what could be. Being somewhat of an introverted person,
I have always been apprehensive when engaging people… so what do I love about tattooing? I love being able to interact with a client and get to understand their walk in life and their inspiration for a specific piece they are pursuing, and create something so personalized and tailored for them they will carry with them forever. I love feeling that sense of accomplishment and success then I get to turn someones ideas into reality.
What is your current style of tattooing?
I pride myself on being flexible with the styles I apply to my tattoos… I do not consider myself too great in any particular style, I have no specialty. I do prefer this flexibility i maintain, though, and I love exploring the stylistic options that best suit a particular piece. As far as tattoo themes go, I really love anything within the realm of ‘nerd culture’… video game pieces, anime, Star Wars, etc. Those are pieces I get a ton of satisfaction from.
What is the best flavor of ice cream and why?
Pistachio, because it reminds me of Italy and Greece. Or Durian ice cream, because I don’t like basic shit.
Who are your biggest influences in art/life?
Anthony Bourdain, Boris Vallejo, Chef Gusteau in Ratatouille (anyone can cook), various people I know in the motorcycle club world that perpetuate the philosophies and lessons in life I try to apply.
If you were a super hero what would your name/super power be?
I would be Parker Wayne, Bruce Waynes brother. I would live below my means and never worth the utility belt that holds airplane bottles of Early Times and a yeet cannon. That would be ideal.
Your favorite movie quote is…
“I knew a guy who was dyslexic. He was also cross-eyed. So everything came out right.” – Tummler (Gummo)